Exclusive IVF Cyprus

Being the leader in the industry is no small feat.

Over the years, Exclusive IVF Cyprus and our team of experts have garnered a well-deserved reputation for our professionalism, advanced equipment, and focus on our patients to ensure the highest-quality results.

Consequently, we use the latest in time-lapse and bench top incubators, temperature auto-regulated work surfaces, HEPA filtration, modern medication regimes and the best available machinery to promote positive pregnancy results.

Our Exclusive IVF Cyprus embryologists are not only fully trained and certified, but we also follow a rigid protocol to conform to international standards for the following treatments:

Exclusive IVF Cyprus are proud to offer elite Cyprus IVF treatment packages.

Sperm Freezing Exclusive IVF Cyprus

Luxury Service

We will organise your private airport transfers, 5 star accommodation, hospital taxis and all aspects of your stay. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything except relaxing and enjoying your time with us.

Phenomenal Quality Egg Donors

For women who are unable to generate a viable egg, we have egg donation services available. In addition, if you have low quality eggs, we also offer a tandem cycle whereby you can use your own eggs and donor eggs in a synchronised cycle.

Gender Selection

At Exclusive IVF Cyprus, you can even choose the gender of your child thanks to one of the most popular services we offer at our Cyprus IVF Centre, PGD for Gender Selection.  Consequently, this means that you can determine if your child will be a boy or girl before you become pregnant.

Chromosome Screening

Our PGD in Cyprus program also allows for the routine screening for aneuploidy for all embryos that are transferred. This eliminates the need for an amniocentesis and means that the chances of birth defects are greatly reduced when you use the PGD services provided by our Exclusive IVF team.

Male Infertility Treatment Options

For men who are not capable of producing viable sperm, we offer sperm donation treatment. At Exclusive IVF Cyprus we also have a full range of treatment options to counteract male factor infertility such as ICSI, IMSI and PICSI.

Our vast array of treatments and services mean that couples who are currently childless, regardless of the origin of the infertility, can now have the possibility of conceiving children.

A Bright Future

Exclusive IVF Cyprus offers hope for couples who have not been able to create a family previously. Our Miracle Team will help you in every possible way to bring a new baby into this world. Hope is why so many have come to our centre when their dreams of having a child have yet to come true.

In conclusion, you will not find a better group than Exclusive IVF Cyprus for your needs or treatment options. We certainly have one of the most advanced embryology laboratories in all of Europe to serve your needs. The strict guidelines and focus on individualised treatments make our personnel at Exclusive IVF Cyprus one that you can rely upon.